From professional office spaces to large retail locations (and everything in between Design Interior, Office Interior Design, Kontraktor Interior), Talenta Tri Karya is commercial interior design specialists are ready to revitalize your company’s workspace.

Personalised Homes that are Uniquely Yours. At Urban Homes, the houses we build are as unique as you are. We have created a book to help give you some design ideas and inspiration so you can design and build an Urban home that is a perfect fit for you.

When you purchase a home, we work together as a team both before and after your move-in. Our after sales services wing ensures that all repairs and maintenance that may be needed for electrical, plumbing fixtures and other finishing items are taken care of.

When we talk about attention to detail, in any type of industry, what we usually mean is the art of paying particular attention to the smaller details of a project.


Our perspective at Talenta Tri Karya is unique. Unlike most Interior Design firms, we focus exclusively on commercial projects and multi-family developments. We are Talenta Tri Karya is leading for Design Interior, Office Interior, Kontraktor Interior at Bintaro, Serpong, Bali, Tangerang, and Jakarta.

Talenta Tri Karya telah banyak membantu pembangunan di wilayah Bintaro dan sekitarnya, terutama untuk pengerjaan interior design.

Selain pengerjaan design interior per kota kami pun mengerjakan per wilayah terutama untuk pengerjaan design interior serpong.

Salah satu kota wisata terbaik Indonesia adalah Bali, dengan berbekal pengalaman kami siap mengusung design interior bali.

Kota Tangerang adalah salah satu kota terbaik pilihan kami dari segi pembangunan dan pengerjaan interior design tangerang kota.

Ibu kota Jakarta adalah jantung pergerakan bisnis di Indonesia, dan talenta tri karya siap membantu setiap jengkal pembangunannya.

Percayakan pada kami untuk konsep pengerjaan office interior design tangerang.


Architecture and interior design in Jakarta
Talenta Tri Karya established since 2012, is an interior design company, contractor, and furniture manufacturer for offices, publics, retails and residential.


We are a group of dedicated and talented design people with experiences more than 10 years.


We are trusted by several well known company to design and construct such as Sriwijaya Air Group, Neive Tecnology, Bandar Jakarta, Whiz Hotel, etc.
It is our expertise to cater our clients need, to transform an empty room to become a sanctuary that you can enjoy anytime.